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Report# A708

Reported on: Thursday, 13 January, 2011  01:22
Updated On: Thursday, 13 January, 2011  01:23
Reply to: (Not Shown)
Dear: *********

Facebook Network security system have found one indication that you violated the "Terms of Service" (TOS) that contain posts forbidden as follows:

* Fake profiles.
* Upload photos or images and videos that contain pornography.
* Send a message or comment on news that contain insults, hateful, threatening, inciting, or acts of violence to other facebook users.
* Using facebook account just for the games applications.
* Perform actions that interfere with and you have been reported by other facebook users.

If you feel there has been a mistake, please confirm your account with the link below:

The system will automatically close your facebook account or permanently disabled, if you do not confirm your account within 24 hours with the presumption that such indication is correct.

Thank you for helping to improve our services.

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